The Team

I once told my dad that one of my inspirations was giving back to the people who’ve helped me. I’ve known the following individuals virtually all of my life and have selected them to help me, help you.

Rawle - Chief of Staff

Rawle and I became friends in 1999. He’s seen me grow, watch me stumble, and has been my confidant. Even when I’ve made choices that weren’t popular he’s never been too far away. One of his greatest characteristics is loyalty, but he won’t hesitate to tell you when he thinks you’re wrong.


Stech - Screening

Stech and I bonded as first-graders. Knowing him, amongst other things, has meant that no matter where I am or what I'm going through I've always had a friend. He's a dreamer, and if he buys into your vision it'll advance to the next round.

Tom - Financing

I met Tom at the beginning of seventh grade when he transferred from a neighboring school. We went on to share a basketball career and his mom makes one of my favorite treats whenever I ask. His financial background will help ensure start-ups have an appropriate level of funding.

Tony - Vetting

Tony and I were part of the same hiring class at MetLife. The two of us have a lot of experience together, which includes authoring the screenplay War of Angels. He's not a fan of social media but is an excellent judge of character. It'll be Tony's job to vet business proposals and the people submitting them.


Jarvis - Strategic Growth

I've known Jarvis since we were together in elementary school. He had one of the few other brown faces in a Minneapolis suburb ranked as one of the whitest in the nation. Jarvis has been working with franchisees, knows the ins-and-outs of establishing businesses and how to make them grow.

Rickey - Soldiering

Rickey, along with Rawle and I, shared a first-year floor at Morehouse College. When duty called, he stepped up to serve and sees that no One is left behind.

Tonya - Personnel

As someone who's normally reserved, I couldn't help but to open up to Tonya. She's extremely loving and attentive, but also matter-of-fact. Tonya has been servicing clients for more than a decade and is quite possibly the best people-person that I know. I'll depend on her for businesses to be properly staffed.