Met-Life Boycott

In an alternate universe I’d be writing with the hopes of employment but my circumstances have made that impossible. It’s not my pedigree, as I’m a graduate, with honors from a prestigious institution and received a million-dollar training from the company that hired me out of college. 

Several seasons in the field polished me as I pursued personal interests. That’s the cause of this letter. The ability, as we all want, to pursue our profession while having a life outside of it. My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder had me documenting everything as I built my career.

When it came to the impossible choice of love versus time in the office I chose as best I could, which led to a lawsuit. The documents and details of which are contained on this site, but that’s not why I’m writing. 

My former, Fortune 50 employer blocked access to everything I needed, so I went the long way by publishing my autobiography on 5/25/19. A Minneapolis native, I took it personal when George “Perry” Floyd died exactly a year later.

I then, after handling personal/private matters, dedicated my time to listening and easing tensions at George Floyd Square, the two-by-two square blocks activists held from the City of Minneapolis for over a year.

Streets opened, I returned to sharing my story and climbing the chain of command at MetLife. In early 2022 I proffered a 1.2 million member association for dental benefits to be paid for by teachers with proceeds directed towards minority scholarships. Rather than giving me the next steps to bring my prospect along, MetLife contacted them directly, asking about my assertions which effectively killed the deal.

Through the Wall Street Journal I approached again and was met with silence from their Head of Communications, but threatened by their attorney before being told I’m not worth their time.

If you’re a current client or thoughtful shopper, I encourage you to ask for MetLife’s statement before (re)selecting them as your provider.

Brandon A. Rowell

JTB Capital