The Dependables

Rawle a.k.a "Blake" ~ Chief of Staff

Meetings start on time.

We have the same day job, reading your proposals.


Derek a.k.a. "D-Loc" ~ Scholarships

This was all my brother's idea, and he's keeping the fun(d) growing.

Stech a.k.a. "Two - Nothing" ~ Proposals

- Still wild

Vinny a.k.a. "Slim" ~ Proposals

Don't let that mug fool you, He's in your corner.

Tommy a.k.a. "Thugz" ~ Financing

Though retired, we eat well.

Tony a.k.a "William" a.k.a "Anthony" a.k.a "Tsunami" a.k.a "The Reaper" ~ Resourcing

Second to last pass, don't waste his time.

Moe a.k.a "Boys4Life Briscoe" ~ Closing

With the same training as Tony and me, he'll bat cleanup.


Booah a.k.a. "Jarvis" ~ Fundamentals

Not Tony Starks assistant, more Ben Affleck in Boiler Room.

Tonya a.k.a "Wendy Rhoades" ~ Personnel

Not another lady I respect more.

Rickey Gulley a.k.a "Rodman" ~ Renewals

All contracts are 5% revenue over 25 years. #Salute

Johnny a.k.a "Mista Write" ~ Journalist

The best man in my wedding and assigned with keeping us honest.

Jeanelle a.k.a "Photbomb" ~ Director

If you mailed the George Floyd Global Memorial, she's laid her eyes on it. Not only a curator for the museum, but responsible for the People's Way.

Dave a.k.a "The Chef" ~ Distribution

Mr. Junior North Carolina he was, but we met in logistics.

Broderick Santiago a.k.a "Pastor B"

I promised this man a building and have plans for a community center with all of the fixings.

"Make someone's life better, simply because you exist. - Pastor B